Beauty trends may come and go, but there is virtually no woman who is willing to put up with excess body hair. We shave, epilate, wax, thread, pluck and use all sorts of other methods to get rid of our unwanted hair, but the problem is it always grows back. And sometimes it feels like we have even more than before. But, believe it or not, there is a more permanent solution. A few sessions of laser hair removal can leave you feeling smooth skinned and confident.

The curse of excess hair

Hirsutism or excessive hair growth is one of the most common body confidence issues for women. Whether it’s a matter of excessive hair on arms or legs, or a dark shadow on an upper lip, for those that suffer with it, it can blight their lives. Constant hair removal can be stressful, painful and expensive, depending on the method used and it can have a real effect on an individual’s self-worth.

The facts about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair from most areas of the body. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering it:

  • Laser hair removal targets the dark melanin pigment in the hair follicles and heats it up to prevent hair regrowth.
  • Because it targets melanin, it’s most effective on black and dark brown hair.
  • Laser hair removal can be used on the face and neck, arms and under arms, legs and bikini line, back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.
  • For permanent hair removal, it usually takes six to 12 sessions.
  • Laser hair removal works on both external and ingrown hair.
  • The treatment itself is virtually painless, though may leave skin reddened for a few hours.
  • Laser hair removal is fast and effective, allowing you to carry on with your day as normal.

If you have a problem with unwanted body hair, laser hair removal could be just the thing to make your life easier and boost your confidence. The first thing to do is talk to a trained practitioner as to whether the treatment would be suitable for the hair in question. It’s time to look forward to a hair-free future.

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