Project Description

Lash Studio

Lash Studio

Wake up each morning with perfect lashes, without the need for mascara!

Long, full lashes are synonymous with beauty – they have the ability to transform your face.

We offer a range of lash treatments, performed by our expert technician. Lashes that can be tailored from natural to full on dramatic!

Treatment Benefits

  • Visible Results
  • Tailored To Your Specific Requirements
  • Expert Technicians
  • Supremely Relaxing Experience

Treatable Areas

  • Lashes


  • You Must Be 18 Years Old And Above
  • Treatment Available For Both Male And Females
  • Consultation & Patch Test Required
  • You May Experiance Sensitivity After Treatment
  • Not Suitable For Individuals Who Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Treatment Menu

Ultimate Lash Lift
Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and mascara! Your eyelashes are lifted at the roots using an advanced silicon shield and specially formulated perm solution. The results are curlier, longer looking eyelashes with more volume. We can also tint the eyelashes making them more defined so you can chuck away that mascara!

Classic Lashes
This treatment uses individual lashes to enhance your natural ones. They are carefully applied by a trained lash technician. The results are longer and fuller lashes.

Russian lashes
Russian volume lashes are lightweight, ultra-fine synthetic fibres made from the same fibres of classic lashes. Because of how fine they are, your lash technician can apply more to the lash line. They are applied in a fan like shape creating more volume. The end result is thicker and fluffier eyebrows.

Treatment Process

Before every Lash Treatment, the client will meet the practitioner for a confidential one to one consultation to discuss their medical history, specific aims and goals. All Astute Aesthetics practitioners are all medically qualified, fully trained in aesthetics and highly experienced in the administration of the Lash Treatment.

All our clients will be given an unbiased, open, honest, and realistic treatment plan which will give them time to ask any questions or raise any concerns before committing to the Lash Treatment.

Once all the information has been gathered and consent forms have been signed, the Lash Treatment will begin. In some cases, a patch test may be needed before any treatment can commence.

The service provided by Astute Aesthetics doesn’t stop after the treatment, full information on aftercare will be provided and our practitioner will always be available to answer any questions or concerns during the healing process and follow up appointments will always be made available.

Treatment Overview

Suitability  Lash treatments available for both male and females of 18 years old and above.
Practitioner  Quailfied Lash Technician
Consultation  An initial consultation required prior to Lash Treatments. Consultation is approx 15 minutes.
Patch Test  A patch / glue test is required prior to Lash Treatment
Recommended Sessions  We recommend a minimum of 1 session + Infill treatment at the suggested interval
Time per Session  Approx. 45 Minutes to 1 Hour
Anaesthetic Required No Anaesthetic Necessary
Pain Treshold Low
Downtime You may return to your normal activities immediately after treatment as there is no downtime
Sensitivity Period Upto 48 hours
Treatment Results Immediately
Duration of Results Non-Permanent
Side Effects A full list of side effects, cautions and contraindications will be advised and discussed at your initial consultation
Treatment Aftercare A full comprehensive set of aftercare Instructions will be provided after your treatment
Disclaimer Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history. In some cases, the aesthetic practitioner may decline if they do not believe that the treatment is in the patients best interest or found unsuitable.

Lash Treatment Price List


  • 1 Hour Treatment
  • Professional Lash Technician


  • Choice of Silk or Mink Lashes
  • Professional Lash Technician


  • 1 Hour Treatment
  • Professional Lash Technician


  • Choice of Silk or Mink Lashes
  • Professional Lash Technician


  • From 2 to 4 Weeks
  • Professional Lash Technician


  • Full set Russian Volume lashes
  • Professional Lash Technician

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